As the hot months start to roll around again, it's a great time to get ahead of planning your summer road trip. Picking a destination and plotting a route is one thing, but having the right car for the job is another. There's a time and place for going on a road trip in a compact car - and it's before you have a family. For those of us taking kids on the road, having the right car goes a long way. In this blog, we'll look at a couple of classic SUVs, which make great road trip options due to their power and spaciousness.

Honda CR-V

A car you can find at any good Honda dealership, the Honda CR-V is perfect for couples and small families alike. Great for camping, it has an impressive 70 cubic feet of storage with the backseats folded. Despite being classed as a utility SUV, the CR-V also has a great suite of electronics, with family-car affordability. These include Honda's Sat-Nav system, programmable Power Tailgate, entertainment system - compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - and integration with the HondaLink smartphone app.

If you aren't already on your way to buy one, the closing benefit of the CR-V is that it won't cost you the earth to run, getting an average of 14 kilometres per litre (Km/L). The CR-V's safety features also pack quite a punch for the low price point, so you've got peace of mind putting your family in it.

Honda HR-V

The HR-V is a touch smaller than the CR-V, but don't let that fool you. It still takes up to 59 cubic feet of cargo - so fitting that tent and sleeping bags will be no trouble - but it's even more fuel efficient, getting nearly 15 Km/L on the motorway. The configurable 'Magic Seats' let you really get the most out of its interior and, as of 2018, it includes the same level of tech and safety features as the CR-V.

Subaru Forrester

Another great SUV for summer road trips, the Forrester is one of Australia's most loved cars. The Forrester has been popular because it's reliable, comfortable and spacious. The brand new model is better in every way. It's more powerful, more spacious and the driving experience is better. It does not matter where you go you'll find the Forrester loaded with kids, bicycles and kayaks touring the roads of Australia. It's economical and is loaded with safety features.

Need a lift?

Looking for a vehicle to call your own this summer? You'll be hard-pressed to organise a road trip without a set of wheels! If any of the cars we've talked about today have got you packing for the road already, talk to the team, and we'll help you find the Honda or Ford dealership closest to you!

Originally posted on Autopact ( on 6th November 2018.